Monday, April 13, 2015

Important Presidential Race Message from CFP

The 2016 Presidential Race has begun and it’s already gearing up to be a contentious one. This will be the most important race of our time as our country is facing threats on many fronts.

While not everyone may have a favorite pick, or are waiting to see who else is going to throw their hat in before they make a decision on who they want to support, not everyone knows much about each candidate who may be or is running on the Republican ticket.

The Constitutional Freedom Party spent the last year testing Ted Cruz’s visibility and popularity, and supporting the idea should he run. When he made his announcement to run for President, the Constitutional Freedom Party was proud to endorse him for our choice.

We realize that people still want to see and compare all candidates, so as we vetted candidates for the 2012 Congressional and Senate races, we are in the process now of vetting those who have announced their intent and some who have not yet made official announcements yet have indicated their intent.

Hopefully all the information we gather will help people make the best choice for who they want to support. Please stay tuned, we will begin within the next few weeks to post our ratings and information for each candidate/potential candidate here on the CFP blog. 


The Constitutional Freedom Party, April 2015

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