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It Only Takes One

Our country is more divided now than at any other time in her history. During the times leading up to the Revolution, there were divisions between the British loyalists and those who wanted to be able to govern themselves.  During the time up to the Civil War, there were divisions between the States, many seeing an ever reaching federal government meddling into States’ rights and also between slave owners and abolitionists.  It may be over simplified, but those issues were the main issues of both times when our country was in greatest peril.

In our time, we have the federal government dictating over States, a government which has involved itself in the past few years into local and state issues, driven on by media and further enflamed by activists. Racially, economically, politically, ideologically and morally we as a nation are fractured and the foundation which this nation was built upon has been decaying for decades.
Even among the political divisions, the typical right vs left, there are further divisions on each side as what used to be considered the center right has moved further to the left, and have taken our votes while doing nothing but mock and demoralize their base. Many on the left either don’t realize the party of Kennedy has been replaced with an ever leftist, Marxist base or they have embraced everything which progressives have used in indoctrinating through government schools, government, media and our culture.

Even our churches are divided among progressives and Bible believers, social activists and Bible clingers.  Meanwhile, our “representatives” talk of separation of church and state when it comes to Bible believing Christianity while using snippets of Bible verses and employ bully tactics to push ungodly agendas.  They push a militant twisted version of tolerance while trampling people’s God given and Constitutional rights.

Is there any hope in reconciliation in our nation?

The Bible tells us that if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand. Who or what is behind division? In Mark 3:26 Jesus explains it.  And if Satan rise up against himself, and be divided, he cannot stand, but hath an end.
The devilish characteristics of greed, power, deception, Covetousness, selfishness, hate, envy and idolatry are behind what’s dividing our country.

Government officials covet their power, and to keep it, they feed off of fear and ignorance, the selfishness and envy of the people by using deception over those who vote for them- giving voters the choice of the lesser of two evils between what has become the same powers.
Envious and idolatrous voters vote for those who will give them the most stuff.  Deception feeds the idea that one race needs special programs to get ahead, while willfully ignoring that we all are created equal, and that the pursuit of happiness is available to all, but as an old saying goes, “You have to chase after it yourself.”

It only takes one

In the past few articles we’ve skirted around the three options we as a nation have if we’re going to save our country. Neither option is going to be easy. There is the idea which has never been popular, that of a third party.
The idea of a third party is taking root however, yet many conservatives believe the GOP can be brought back to the conservative values once strongly promoted by the Republican Party. While time will tell, it seems as if we are running out of time.  We have seen the past few decades of the lesser of two evils, both for federal and state elections. How many times the people have voted for and or elected whom promised and promoted conservatism only to do business as usual in Washington or state legislatures and forgotten the Constitution along the way?

It only took one with a vision to create The Constitutional Freedom Party when I watched the last presidential primaries and finally election night. When I saw how many people I care about, some becoming political for the first time, dejected as the candidate they had to vote for lost. What really struck me was that Mitt Romney was not the candidate most even preferred, but because it was imperative to defeat Obama, they had to vote for the candidate they didn’t believe was the best choice. The same had happened when the GOP gave conservatives John McCain.
Ninety nine percent of the people I knew had to plug their noses yet again and I was disgusted by the way the Republican Party moved further away towards the left, saying they have to widen the tent, while shoving out the people who care about the Constitution, true conservative values, and social issues.

Borrowing from the Declaration of Independence, I wrote out a Declaration of Independence from the two party system which has helped drag this nation down, and posted it to friends. Soon some of those friends helped write out our platform.
Since then, we have grown and found more people who share our vision and passion to turn this country back to the Constitution, our Christian heritage and the Founders’ intent.

Is this party going to grow or gain recognition as “the” party which many now seem to want? I honestly have no idea. We are not affiliated with any PAC, or group, we have no fundraisers and operate on no donations except the hard work and dedication of the few who have worked for over two years trying to help change the course of our nation and more people are taking notice.

It only takes one

It only took one shot which was heard around the world. A revolution is looming because our government is becoming more tyrannical. If one were to really read the list of grievances in the Declaration of Independence one would see most of the things our founding fathers saw in our own time and more.  Our founders saw a revolution as the last recourse, until every other option was fully exhausted. If we the people chose to fight a new Revolution, it would be devastating and bloody. Are we willing for that? If by some act of grace we happened to win, then what? We could hold new elections again, but the divisions would still exist and eventually we’d be at the same point we are now. And if we lost; well that would make all of those FEMA camp scenarios turn to reality.
If one looked through the history of our nation, one would see a remarkable thing. Before the Revolution, there was an awakening. Before the Civil War, there was an awakening.

In the last article, we saw how the awakening before the Revolution changed the hearts of Colonial America and Europe as well. People realized that their liberties and freedoms come from God, not government. It was the awakening which led to solid Biblical teaching and preaching God’s word while applying the principles to every part of life by the Black Robed Regiment. They taught the people how to proclaim liberty, resist tyranny and oppose tyrannical grabs of God given rights and freedoms.
The congregations were energized and burned with a desire for true freedom not through an institutionalized, government sanctioned church or a tyrannical government, but through a personal relationship with Christ and a desire for liberties He gives us.

That awakening was truly a spiritual one as more people came to a personal conviction and accepted Jesus as their savior, and much of the belief in Christ of the Bible is what helped shape our Nation. Our Christian foundation was strong for over 100 years.
The second awakening before the Civil war was more about social issues. While an awakening took place in the minds of many, it was not as deeply a heart conviction. As a friend and colleague said recently, it was more about looking for a cause than challenging the worldview of the people. It was more of a social justice movement than a deep soul conviction that Christ is Lord which during the first Great Awakening bridged the gap between all Christian denominations. People focused more on how to fix our society instead of focusing on the One who can fix our society.

Restoration or Revolution?

Another friend remarked that we need a revival and a revolution- the revolution to show people that this country is still worth fighting for, the revival to teach them why.
Stand fast, therefore, in the Liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage. Galatians 5:1

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour. Peter 5:8
“Someone has justly remarked, that ‘eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.’ Let the sentinels on the watch-tower sleep not, and slumber not.” May 2, 1833 edition of The Virginia Free Press and Farmers' Repository

“Maintain, firm and unshaken, the ground which Christ hath given you. Be ever vigilant and prepared against the open or insidious attacks of your adversary.” From the Reverend Jacob Duche´ in his sermon, The Duty of Standing Fast in Our Spiritual and Temporal Liberties Preached in Christ-Church, July 7th, 1775.

It only takes one to start a movement. One pastor willing to stand up to intrusive government and proclaim religious freedom. One woman to stand for Christ, be it in our National Cathedral or on the steps of the Texas Capital. It only takes one, but others need to be awakened. We need to pray for an awakening and for people to open their hearts to the truth of Christ, the Creator of our liberties.

C.A.E 2015

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