Thursday, November 21, 2013

We Must Fight This Hypocrisy- It Cannot Stand!

In light of today's incredible power grab by the US Senate by Harry Reid, by voting for the Nuclear Option, I decided to show in their own words just what hypocrites these career politicians who should have been voted out long ago really are (as if we didn't know already)

Remember this one Harry?
As long as I'm the leader... 
Or how about this one Senator OBAMA and CLINTON, Reid, Biden  and others?!
Hey Hilary! What difference does it make?
Interesting y'all talk about the Founding Fathers just as you do everything else when it suits your purpose.

Hey Dick Durban, remember when the nuclear option was a power grab and an assault on the Checks and Balances?

These are just a few of many. Most thinking folks get the point. When Democrats want their un Constitutional crap shoved down our throats, they will use whatever tactics are necessary to shut down opposing views. When it's something they don't like, they accuse others of shutting down opposing views.

For the people who voted for this today, it's time to make our voices heard.  This must not be allowed to stand.

CC. 2013