Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Force of an Idea

Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream was one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of understanding. It wasn't based on having material possessions, but being able to exercise that which we possess already. It was not based on what was best for society, but how society treated the individual. The American ruling elite today are at war with Martin's dream. They were in his day as well, which makes him much more of a revolutionist than he is commonly given credit for. He was a force against force. His force was the kind of force that has the most power, which was the force of an idea. The ruling elite of his day were exercising the force that they always have, which is a physical force that oppresses those whom God created to be free.

Human beings with power and authority will always seek to oppress and control those who seek to be free, and all the while hoarding liberty for themselves while denying it to others. I believe that King wanted a true representation of the Declaration of Independence to be carried out within the institutions of man, but I doubt that he failed to realize the inherent corruption of those institutions, and therefor understood the battles that would have to be fought.

Battles are generally fought in wars, and war is exactly what we all continue to be embroiled in concerning the powers and principalities and those who seek to live in peace and freedom. Just as our flesh is continually at war with God, our minds and souls are continually at war with Satan, and those who follow him. Every man is serving one or the other, whether they know it or not. Therefore we live in a perpetual state of war, which the powers that be are continually engaged in both spiritually and physically. War is the health of the State, so the State must wage it to grow big and strong. War is that which the state uses to subdue the individuals of society both in mind and spirit.

Fear is what must be proliferated within society for the state to be able to wage it's wars. We must fear drugs so that we can wage war on it. When we do, the State grows. We must fear hunger, so that war can be waged. We must fear terrorists, obesity, and many other things. As of late, we must fear guns in the hands of those who do not have the proper authority to wield them.

Yes, we are at the edge of the cliff, but most importantly we must realize that we arrived here largely due to fear. We have let those in power, and those who speak to us via the media, to make us fear things that were never really a threat, and in turn we have allowed those very people to gain such control over us that they are now the biggest threat to us that we could have created, or rejected.
These powers and principalities knew long ago the nature of man, and how to manipulate us. Somewhere along the way we placed our trust in those who would destroy us intentionally. Now that tyranny is knocking down our door, some of us still have the clarity of mind to recognize it for what it is, and finally reject it. Some of us will now join Martin Luther King Jr. in fighting the battles of the mind and spirit that must be fought for the sake of our souls, and our liberties.

Let us cast away that which causes us to seek control of the lives of others and regain that which burns within us for the sake of freedom and liberty. Let us do it with conviction and integrity. It is time to stand our ground and not fear offending those who will be offended regardless of our actions and words.


Friday, March 8, 2013

The Power of the Filibuster

While I could say much about the amazing bit of history we witnessed this week when Rand Paul and others stood up for the Constitution and the American people, I will let his words continue to say what he said best.  Here's the first hour:


You can see the rest at you tube here:

And for some added enjoyment, here is Sen. Ted Cruz as he read from the amazing amounts of tweets which went out in support of #StandwithRand:

The Constitutional Freedom Party applauds Senators Paul, Cruz, Lee and others in their choice to stand on the Constitution and with the American people.  Thank you.