Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Consideration of Dark and Light

Since Mankind became self-aware, we have known there was something “out there”; Something that we were connected to; Something that was connected to us.  Something greater.  Something that gave life.  Even as the people we now call Neanderthals, we knew death was not the end, we would live again.  We buried our dead in the earth we knew we had come from, covered with red ocher to represent the color of life, in a fetal position so we could be reborn.

We searched for the Something in the sun, the moon, the stars, the air, fire, water, animals.  We searched for it in the seasons, in life, in death, in activities lofty and low.  We looked for it in other humans and set some up as priests to interpret the Something’s wishes, pacify, control and serve it, and in kings to interpret how we should live by the Something’s ways and to rule over us, as entirely as we thought the Something did.

But the priests were liars and the kings cruel.  The more desperately we looked for the Something in these places the farther from finding it we became.  Instead of rising in enlightenment we fell deeper into darkness.  There was at work an adversarial power that did not want us to find the Something.

***De profundis clamavi ad te domine!  Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord! (after Psalm 130)

The Something we knew was there saw us in our scrabbling and feeling about in the darkness, finding nothing.  He heard us.  Among His creations was Abraham, and to him He revealed Himself.  Here now was the Something we sought – the one God.  He tested Abraham to ensure Abraham was strong enough to carry the Light of this knowledge through the darkness, through time.  Over time, He gave Abraham and his descendants the way to acknowledge Him, and the way to live.  He chose them.

The one God was strict but also merciful.  He chose this people of Abraham, who we now call the Jews, to carry the bright light of the Truth a long way and a long time through a world filled with the temptations of the old searchers and the power of the adversary.  Several times, they nearly fell to these temptations.  But God sent them warnings and help and they persevered.  While their Law forbade Jewish people intermixing with non-Jews, God allowed certain of these to stand with the Jewish people, giving aid and even intermarriage.  These were specially blessed.  God wanted everyone to participate in the Truth, and laid the foundations for this acceptance.

The one God knew the day would come when all the people of the world would need to find the Light of the Truth He had so carefully entrusted to the Chosen people.  He promised a Savior - the Messiah - would be sent to bring all the people of the world, still lost and searching in the darkness, into the Light.

Even having the benefit of the Law, human beings, even among the Chosen, can falter and fail.  The adversary understands and exploits human weakness.  In one of the times of difficulty, some of the Chosen people were falling to temptation to be absorbed into another culture.  Others fought against it and in the war, supplies were short.  Oil consecrated and blessed to light the temple of the one God was only enough to last for one day.  But the tiny amount, so small, lasted for eight days.  The temple remained lit, and during the time, more oil was obtained and the temple rededicated to the one God.  From this time to the present day, the Chosen people celebrate, Hanukkah, the eight day Festival of Lights and Dedication of the Temple during the month in which this miracle occurred – what is known by many now as December.

Light overcoming darkness.  Dedication to God.  Foreshadowing of the future. The coming of the Messiah, the Anointed, the Christ, the Savior. 

***“The people who walk in darkness Will see a great light; Those who live in a dark land, The light will shine on them. You shall multiply the nation, You shall increase their gladness; They will be glad in Your presence As with the gladness of harvest…” (Isaiah 9:2)

We do not know the birth date of Jesus, born in Bethlehem.  But we celebrate his birth on December 25th.  Some people say we celebrate it at this time because those who follow the teachings of Jesus – Christians - absorbed old searcher observances and re-named them with their own; The old Roman holiday of Saturnalia, or old searcher celebrations of the Winter Solstice – shortest day and longest night – were usurped by Christians as a means to more easily replace those old ways with their own.


But I think it is for a different reason.


Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, celebrates the miracle of Light when hope for light was lost.  The Winter Solstice celebrates the end of the darkness and the return of the light and life.  The Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Christ, the Messiah, at this time to celebrate the coming of the Light of the World.  The earth, which was in darkness, has seen a great light.


***“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” (Isaiah 9:6)


Happy Hanukkah!  Merry Christmas!

Stehekin912 December 2014

Friday, November 7, 2014

It’s a Wonderful Country

Remember the movie  “It’s A Wonderful Life”? 

For those who have not seen it, it is a story  about a man who has been giving and generous to others, sacrificing for others throughout his life. He experiences a ruinous occurrence that was  engineered by the deliberate bad acts of an envious rival. 
He despairs. Even in his despair he helps another, yet has convinced himself everyone would be better off without him, and wishes he had never been born. The person he helped despite his despair was an angel, Clarence, who shows him what the world would have been like if he had never been  born. As the result of this experience, he realizes his life has been  valuable, meaningful, and the lynchpin in the good quality of life he and  others have had. He regrets his wish and the angel returns the man to the real world. The man now appreciates his life and the gifts he has  not only given to it,
but that it has given him.

Recently, Dr. Dinesh  D’Souza wrote a book entitled “America:  Imagine the World Without  Her”.  A friend commented that while the book and movie demonstrated that  the Progressive version of history ranges from deeply flawed to menacingly wrong, neither the book nor the movie seem to go on to imagine a world without America.

Dr. D’Souza does posit that without America, the nations of  the world would probably have the same conquest and acquisition focus they had  before it existed. But the comment got me thinking.

Progressives  have been effectively rewriting history, and interpreting this history in a  way that defines America as evil, as imperialist, as cruel, as genocidal, as  racist, as greedy, as an enslaver and as a thief.  Dr. D’Souza addresses  these in his book, as have others working to right the sinister wrongs of  Progressive so-called history.

Since at least the 1960s, radicals have  been increasingly bemoaning America, insisting that without America, the world  would be a better place.  The people of the world would be better off if  America had never been born.

So, what would the world be like without  America?

I contend that what we are seeing at this time in world events  is showing us terrifying glimpses of what the world is like without  America.  As in “It’s A Wonderful Life”, we are being shown what the  world is like without us. The bad acts of the Progressives are  engineering the demise of America.
An envious rival has set up,  performed, enabled and encouraged ruinous policies that are driving America to  despair.

Perhaps the greatest evil of all is we are seeing what the  world is like when bad actors have misled the people of America to despise  themselves so much we stop working to shine the light of liberty in the  world.  American assistance is disparagingly called “nation building” or  being “the world’s
policemen” when our goal is to uplift our fellow men.   When we turn away from world events, we leave people to flee murderous  attackers but find no refuge, to die on mountaintops, to be besieged in  cities, crying out to us for help. 

Once-dignified people are reduced to  abject begging for our help, their cries and pleas fall on ears that hear, but  cruelly ignore.  Oh, the American people hear them and want to go to their  aid.  But America’s government deliberately turns its back.  The  American people must effect a change
and soon, or like the phantoms of Charles  Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”, we will find to our horror that our power to  change the world for the better has been lost.

Without a strong  America, factions of every imaginable greedy kind creep from the dark crevices  where once they hid.  Those who truly are thieves, enslavers, oppressors,  takers and murderers are emboldened.  They press advantages that did not  exist when America was strong and stood with her allies. Without America  to stop them, even just by her strong presence if not direct action, the  forces of oppression rapidly grow unchecked in the dank places of greed, power  and death.

It's time to wake up, Americans!  Time to awaken from the  nightmare of false compassion and self loathing.  Time to get off the  dung heap we have been pushed onto.  Those of us who fight for  Constitutional principles have just had a tremendous election success.   Now it is time for us to get our light out from under the basket and shine it  again.  Let us once again be a light in the darkness, a beacon of hope, a  candle from which others may light their own candles!  Lady Liberty walks  with the crown of light, the torch of truth, the book of the law, and the  chains on her feet are broken.

We really have a wonderful  country!  We've been given another chance to Restore it!

Thank you,  Clarence!

Stehekin912  Nov. 2014

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Brand New Day

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

Tonight is all about a leash and a muzzle” ~ A friend commenting on November 4th 2014 Elections

With a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.” ~Signers of the Declaration of Independence

In a little less than two weeks from now, the Constitutional Freedom Party will be passing our 2nd Anniversary which from the start has been committed to the preservation of the principles of what has made a strong America. 
Many people have questioned the need for another party when it seems we have so many already. I have to ask, why not another?  Some parties have been around for a long while, some only a few years.  Not all parties are actual parties, although they do a lot of work to promote good Conservative candidates and have shaken Washington enough to be a political target.
A lot of folks follow us on twitter, many more belong to our group on Facebook and still more have liked our public Facebook page.  We have a large amount of folks watching from the sidelines to see what we do, or in other words, once we become big like Tea Party groups, maybe they’ll join us. Maybe they might even do something to help us.

What separates us from many other groups is that we are a Party with a solid platform  based on God, the Founders, the Constitution and the Founder’s intent yet we also have willingly worked within the Republican Party in hopes of reforming and returning the Party back to true Constitutional Conservatism.  We are such that if the Republican GOP doesn’t change, we have a solid platform to be a legitimate 3rd Party which already built on solid ground and energized enough for the majority who are fed up with progressive politics as usual from the GOP.

Our basic platform is born out of our Judeo Christian beliefs and we won’t waiver from them. We are unapologetically Christian and are active in working towards recognition of our country’s Judeo Christian heritage, foundation and principles.  We also respect and trust the Founders’ vision for a small government in which We the People are in charge. We are a group of citizens from all walks of life from different parts of this country who care about where this country has been heading. None of us has political insider experience, we have no ties to bigger organizations and no lobbyist powers nor do we desire any.  We are the grassiest roots that can be found and don’t have a budget because we require no money or donations to join.
For the past 2 years, a few of our more active members have helped create graphics, videos, write articles, and share everything in an effort to educate people on our Constitutional Republic.  Our biggest efforts were in vetting candidates this past year. Out of millions of citizens in this country, less than a dozen gave up personal time to seek information on those running in campaigns all over the country.  From California and Oregon, across the nation to Maryland, down through the South to Florida, back over to Texas and up through the heartland, we fully vetted candidates and matched whom we believed held firm to Constitutional values which our Founders valued and shared. 
Not everyone agreed with our choices, which is what is so great about the freedoms we still have and hold, to find those who would best represent us and our fellow citizens in Washington and State Capitals.  Our candidates however were for the most part regular people, from businessmen and women, many veterans, educators and pastors. Not all of them won their primaries, and only a couple made it through the election.  I am proud however of all of the candidates we rated and endorsed, and proud of the hard work accomplished to bring those we believed to be the best of the best and make those choices known to others.

Last night’s election was exciting to say the least, but many of us were apprehensive, hoping at least for the 6 seats needed to re take the Senate.  Whether this was a referendum on the Obama policies which have been “transforming” our nation in ways in which even many democrats were feeling the brunt of, or whether it was people ready for a change of scenery in Washington, it resulted in a wave which has excited people again.

It was we the people who spoke with our votes, it was the people who actively educated family and friends to what our government should be and people who implored others to vote while they have a still have a free choice to vote.
Now that we have spoken, what do we do now? Is it enough to know that there will be a brand new Senate and Congress in January? No way.  We have to be more vigilant and engaged than ever. It’s no secret that many of Obama’s plans will have to be shoved through while the Democrats still hold control. From amnesty, jobs and wages, to EPA and BLM agendas and social issues, we have to make sure no more unconstitutional and destructive plans are signed either by pen or phone.  Much can be accomplished in such a short time to further damage our republic and we need to keep watch and engage in a way that none of these things can happen.

All of the work those who have campaigned for, went door to door for, made phone calls, sent e mails and pamphlets, those who shared information, who vetted them, promoted them and voted for them- we now need to watch what they do when they head to Washington in January.  We also need to watch what the present Senate and Congress do in the meantime.

The Constitutional Freedom Party is committed to holding all of our Senate and Congress to account after they begin in January.  The people returning to or going to Washington for the first time need to know that we the people will be watching and letting the country know what they are doing- whether they are operating under the Constitution and committed to the Oaths they swear, or if they believe they are going to keep to the same old same. We will hold their feet to the fire to keep them accountable for everything. If they do a great job, we’ll be sure to let them know how appreciated they are, if they don’t we’ll let them and the country know that too.  We need a strong and bold leadership from the Republicans, which too many in the past have used their power to do… nothing.  From their folding like cheap lawn chairs over Obamacare, to illegal “immigration reform”, to the deplorable ways in which our Veterans and troops have been treated by the administration, with silence from the majority of RINOS, this must end.  No more compromise- because compromise only means one side folds their convictions and throws them away.  We the people who elected these candidates expect leaders, not panderers, not spineless compromisers.

For those who worry about gridlock, much like Obama did, blaming the structural balances the Founders put in place, gridlock can be a good thing.  In fact I’d dare to say more people would have preferred gridlock rather than the democrat party being able to ram Obamacare down our throats.  Gridlock has what has kept more destructive legislation from being passed, and could help with things like amnesty which some Rinos have already capitulated to.
Think about James Madison’s Federalist #51 when he wrote, “In a single republic, all the power surrendered by the people is submitted to the administration of a single government; and the usurpations are guarded against by a division of the government into distinct and separate departments.”

And then again, “It is of great importance in a republic not only to guard the society against the oppression of its rulers, but to guard one part of the society against the injustice of the other part. Different interests necessarily exist in different classes of citizens. If a majority be united by a common interest, the rights of the minority will be insecure.”

We also are committed to seeing that Constitutional Conservatives replace the grand old elites of the GOP in the leadership positions of both houses and to make sure we #MakeDCListen.

We can’t do this alone. It’s time to choose. It’s a brand new day, and time to wake up and get busy.  The question is whether you will choose to help us or whether you choose some other group. Some of the parties and organizations are moving in a similar direction to reign in this bloated, out of control and out of touch government.  We have chosen to do it based on our platform.  You may not agree with every part of it, we know people have different ideas on many issues and we don’t expect everyone to agree with 100 percent of what we stand on. Some folks might believe another organization is better for them. We understand that too.  We just hope folks will be active whether it’s with us or somewhere.
We at the Constitutional Freedom Party have made a commitment to fight for those who have fought for us, and to restore and keep our Republic. Over 200 years ago, 56 men pledged everything they had to fight tyranny and create our Constitutional Republic.

We have been given a chance to return our nation to time tested and enduring values and principles that made this country a beacon to the rest of the world.  We must not squander it by sitting back and letting others fight to re gain and retain our freedoms for us. It’s time to get involved.
If you believe in what we’re about, if you are interested in helping, contact us at to find out how.


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

CFP Website

Due to issues beyond my control right now, our website isn't up to date, nor are the feed back and sign up pages working. Please be patient. One thing about being totally grass roots is the fact that we don't ask for money, and those who help are all volunteers who are busy.
For now, if anyone is interested in checking us out, please direct them here to our blog- our Platform/Mission Statement and Declaration are here and here.

If you want to sign up to receive updates and our newsletter or to offer to help, you can e mail

Here are our videos, you can go direct to our  You Tube page

Hopefully we'll be able to get a website up and running soon. We'll let you know when that happens. Thank you for understanding.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What is a Patriot?

The word Patriot is heard a lot these days.  For some,  the word conjures up a vision of those who fought against British tyranny during the times of the Revolutionary war, or those who have fought and still fight to protect our way of life and country. Most folks believe that simply being an American who votes is a patriot.
To get a more defined look at what a Patriot is, let’s first look at some definitions of what a patriot is not. 

A patriot is not someone who willingly works to subvert the secure base of our nation’s foundation- the Constitution, and the morality which the men who had hand in creating the Constitutional laws and our Bill of Rights believed in and trusted in.  He is no patriot who divides on the basis of our moral principles which benefits only him or a small minority.

For instance, George Washington, first General of the Continental Army and President of the United States once said, “Of all the disposition and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness… Who that is a sincere friend to it, can look with indifference upon attempt to shake the foundation of the fabric?”
It’s not that one can’t be anything other than Christian and a patriot- there are people of every religion and cultural background who love this country and even recognize and respect the Christian foundation and heritage but would never seek to destroy it or transform it because they recognize that it’s the very fabric of our nation and always has been. However, those who work to tear that foundation and heritage away because they hate the source or don’t believe, disrespect our nation and do it not for the benefit of our nation, but personal objectives.  Like it or not, be offended or not, but our country was built upon Biblical Christianity from the time of the pilgrims and spanned two hundred years, from the time of the Declaration, Constitution and our Founding fathers to well into the 20th Century.

Charles Carroll, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and a framer of the Bill of Rights put it this way, “Without morals, a republic cannot subsist any length of time; they are therefore who are decrying the Christian Religion are undermining the solid foundation of morals- the best security for the duration of a free government.”

This country has been freest and most prosperous, a beacon to the rest of the world, and strong when we acknowledged and respected Biblical morals and our Christian heritage and foundation. Once we started eroding that foundation purposely, our freedoms, morality and safety have been steadily eroding as well. Anyone who intentionally undermines our foundation is no patriot.  The words and laws of our Constitution and Bill of Rights were influenced by men who understood the threads which bind Biblical morality and good governance under a Constitutional Republic.

When it comes to the subject of patriotism I am often attacked on a personal level by people because of the ways in which I express my extreme displeasures at our current government and those who vote for them over and over again. As is usual in personal attacks my patriotism comes into question by two points:
1) I have never served in the US Military therefore I am no patriot and 2) I was not born and raised in the US therefore I am no patriot.

I’d like to address the second point first. Assuming because I was born in another country, I can’t love this country the same as those born and raised here. OK that’s a fair point, however, breaking that argument down it usually comes out that because I’m still learning about our system of government, our history and culture I can’t possibly know enough to speak out about it.  The key word however is “Learning”.  I love learning, and won’t stop learning until the day I die. Only fools believe they know more because they were born in a place, and don’t need to learn more about the place they in which they were born.

I’ve been learning about American History, our Constitution and other topics for years.  I’ve learned more since graduating from school than I ever learned in school rooms.   I wonder how well some of these people who are quick to judge would do if they were given a citizenship test?  It’s interesting, in a sad way, that studies have shown that one in three native-born citizens fail the civics portion of the naturalization test, compared to the 97.5% of immigrants applying for citizenship who pass it. (To pass, one must answer only 6 out of 10 questions correctly.)  And as for people who wonder, I scored 10 out of 10.

Statistics show why our nation is in the current state, as out of American born citizens:

85% did not know the meaning of the “the rule of law.”

82% could not name “two rights stated in the Declaration of Independence.”

75% were not able to correctly answer “What does the judiciary branch do?”

71% were unable to identify the Constitution as the “supreme law of the land.”

68% did not know how many justices are on the Supreme Court.

63% could not name one of their two US Senators.

These numbers are truly pitiful.  I can’t help feeling sad that so many people don’t care to know more about their own country.  These numbers however aren’t surprising considering how many people I hear daily who call the United States a democracy and who don’t know about the people they vote for.
I’ll never claim to know all the fine mechanics of how our government operates, and like I said, there is still a lot to learn, but for people to question mine or anyone’s patriotism  for being born somewhere else need to realize that many people who work hard to come to this country the legal way do so because they love, respect and honor the United States before we even get to live here.

Now the question of my service to this country, this is usually included with a list of the person’s family members who have served in the military, or the fact that they themselves did.  Whenever I answer, I always tell them how grateful I am for their family's service, or theirs- because I realize the incredible cost of serving this nation and keeping us safe.  I will always be grateful to all who have paid, including millions who have given their lives to give me a free country to call home.
I may mention that I have had family members, and friends who have or still serve, but I don’t feel right about doing that. I feel like I’m trying to justify my own patriotic spirit by using my friends or families incredible service, but there’s nothing patriotic or honorable about my being tied by family or through friendship of those who have served.

I am proud of knowing or being friends with such folks, but their service is theirs, not mine, and the same can be said for the people who use their families’ military service as a sort of a badge of their own patriotism.  Instead, I’d like to ask, if they haven’t served in the military- what have they done in other ways of serving?  In no way am I downplaying the incredible service of our military and veterans, but there are other ways to serve this nation.  A true servant’s heart is providing without expecting personal gain, so I have to wonder do these people have a heart for service to their nation’s benefit?
A patriot is someone who understands and at least performs responsibilities of citizenship.  These duties include the privilege of voting. Too many people see voting as a right only, but don’t care or don’t realize the incredible responsibility of voting. Voting is a divine right to choose who you want to represent your voice in government.   The fact that we are free to vote, is because of our Constitutional Republican form of government where we the people have the power, and we tell the government what to do to keep our rights secure.  It’s not a right to vote for whoever promises the most things or because a candidate has a nice haircut, wears the latest fashion or has a certain letter after their name or even because of the candidate’s skin shade. 

Voting is a right- but more important it is a privilege and it’s a patriot’s duty to vote conscientiously and carefully.   Samuel Adams once said of voting,
Would that all people who view voting as only their right think that way when they decide who to vote for!

One of the basic rights which is God given and inherent is the right to speak one’s mind without fear of punishment, or fear of being labeled as hateful or ignorant.  Too many people love to claim whole segments of our society as intolerant while claiming the banner of freedom of speech, yet those same are the ones who shut down others’ rights to speak.
Patriots are quick to speak, but don’t quash others’ rights to do the same.  Patriots are willing to defend and fight for what’s morally right, by the standards set in the Bible, which are embedded in our Constitution, and recognize what will happen to the nation should our Constitutional rights be undermined either by the government, a branch of government or small elite unelected groups which influence more government control over the people.

A patriot is a person who vigorously supports their country, their ideals, their traditions and their laws of the Constitution and is prepared to defend it against all enemies or detractors, including when it’s being undermined by a government agency or body. 

I may have never served in the military, may not have been born here- but I can claim something others who were born here can never claim. I chose to come, I chose to follow the laws, chose to swear an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States of America, because I love this country and because I am a patriot.


Thursday, July 3, 2014

What Is Independence Worth to You?

If one were to come here today from another country and watch our mainstream news, the only news they would be informed of in serious tones is the storm making its way along the East coast, and… it’s about to wreak havoc on 4th of July celebrations. People may be evacuated from North Carolina’s outer banks as Arthur bears down on them and people everywhere have to cancel BBQ plans.
While I don’t make light of the first major storm of the hurricane season, I have gone through a few hurricanes myself to know how devastating they can be but what gets me the most is not just the fact that the storm is the big news story, but the fact that this happens to coincide with Independence Day and it seems most people only worry that this storm will screw up their plans.

I don’t mean to make light of that either, I know the 4th has always been a favorite holiday for millions, but I have to wonder- how many Americans understand just what Independence Day should be about, and do they realize the perilous place our nation is in right now?

The fireworks are fun to watch, but am I the only one who can’t help but think about what the day represents and the Revolution that changed the world? The fifty six men who pledged everything to sign the Declaration of Independence from a tyrannical Monarchy, and the struggle to become a new nation. All the wars fought since, men and women giving much to win freedom for others and keeping this nation a beacon of freedom is what America has always been, and there is so much good in this nation. I beg people to open their eyes and see it.

Yet we have these days, a cumulation of decades of progressivism which is destroying this country before our eyes. Daily things are happening not just here, but around the world which are pulling our nation apart and I just can’t help but want to cry on this Independence Day at what we’ve allowed to happen. Many people are still blind and would call me a liar and a fool for thinking that the current administration and much of our government are trying to destroy this country. I guess they were asleep when Obama proclaimed “We are five days away from transforming America”, and still snoring when he said he would have more flexibility after the elections.

Daniel Webster, who came decades after the Declaration of Independence once said, “There is no nation on earth powerful enough to accomplish our overthrow. Our destruction, should it come at all will be from another quarter; from the inattention of the people to the concerns of their government, from their carelessness and negligence. I must confess that I do apprehend some danger. I fear that they may place too implicit a confidence in their public servants and fail properly to scrutinize their conduct; that in this way they may be made the dupes of designing men and become the instruments of their own undoing.

For far too long Americans have trusted the government; the same people have been elected over and over again, so much so that those same who were sent as public servants have come to treat what should be service as a privileged career in which they are entitled to.  In return they have given enough ‘free stuff’ to those who vote for them time and time again, and have placated them into complacency.  It’s a vicious cycle based on greed, one for the vote to maintain privilege and power, and one for what the government can do for them instead of what they can offer the country.
Too many good people have offered themselves and paid a high cost for this country, and it saddens me that too many don’t care enough to fight to maintain freedom here while those who paid were fighting somewhere else. No one seems to fight for them, and too many don’t care about fighting for what’s good in this country.  And there is and always has been plenty of good in this country.

For far too long there have been those working to ‘transform’ America, believing this nation has been too arrogant, too powerful and ought to be knocked down a few notches. We have a government filled with people with these beliefs, as well as the media and public schools and places of higher learning.  It’s no wonder we are in the crisis we are in. These people have grown up with every good thing and privilege provided by this country’s exceptionalism, have taken full advantage of all the things that made her great, yet trash it and desire her destruction.
I never thought I’d see this beacon of strength, exceptionalism, pride and freedom be destroyed from within. As I think about Independence Day this year, I think about those men who pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor, and can’t help but not feel like celebrating- knowing that they warned us, but no one listened. I think of how they would react could they be alive this day 238 years later and it makes me angry that they would be right in their disgust and indignation at what we’ve allowed to enslave us.

When I was growing up, I saw the pride of Americans, and like so many, I mistook it for arrogance. Once I moved here and lived the American experience for a while, I began to understand the pride and display it myself often enough. After all, what other nation has defended others like the United States? Even as other Allies joined World War II a few years before America’s involvement, it wasn’t until America became involved that the evil was driven back and subdued. What other nation has given so much in food, aid, education, refuge, freedom, and care?  America was always willing to send her best either to the battlefield or the mission field and have changed lives for the better around the world ever since.  This is the America I fell in love with. The people who have defended her and those who still do are the people I love and appreciate the most, as well as those who while might be at a loss of what to do to save their country, they are not willing to just sit and watch it collapse either. 

Are we enough to save her though? Well, God is the only One who can save her- but are there enough hearts in this country that are turned to Him? I can’t answer that for sure, but right at this moment, it doesn’t seem so. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. America was blessed once because the majority of people knew and believed in Him and His only begotten Son.  I pray they will know again, and believe.  Fifty six men signed what could have been their death warrant had the war been lost, but they believed in God’s provisions and providence and the United States of America was born.

How many are willing to pledge what those men did over 200 years ago?  Let me ask you in another way- what does this nation mean to you, and what would you give to keep your freedom?
This Independence Day I don’t feel like celebrating for the last hope of freedom that I see slipping away. Not when so much that is precious has given it to us. The thing I celebrate today is the fact that it’s my best friend’s birthday, and while I don’t get to celebrate it with him, he is in my heart, along with all of his brothers who are still fighting evil and trying to keep it from our shores and to me, they are worth fighting for. Freedom he and millions of others have fought for is worth fighting for.

What is it that is worth enough for you to fight for?

C. E. 2014

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Common Sense and Learning from the Past

Mark Levin has described Obama’s actions as a bloodless coup. For the past few years I’ve been hesitant to call it what it is, but the past year have been openly accusing the Obama Administration of committing acts of treason, and with approval of the majority of both houses of Congress.  My Question, which I have been asking for years now, is what are the people going to do about it?

What is it going to take for people to get uncomfortable enough to get up and out and do something for their country?

People, who know me, know I try and seek guidance from the Bible and from those who have come before us.  I may not always grasp or follow the guidance well, but I try and pay attention to those who have given us wisdom and warning because they experienced tyranny themselves.  Some people would point to Romans 13 in the Bible and say that God ordained the government we have and as Christians we must submit.  Yes God does institute government, just as He has used people to overthrow ungodly rulers.  The Bible is full of examples of civil disobedience, yet in all of those cases the people involved prayed and fasted in order to fully understand what God would have them do. The fact that our government have attempted to persuade pastors to use the Romans 13 chapter to give up God given and constitutional rights shows that our government is an example of the kinds of tyrannical powers that many of the civilly disobedient people in Bible days fought against.  Moses, Gideon, Deborah, Esther and Mordechai, and Daniel are among some who fought not by trying to overthrow civil government, but who resisted and/or threw off tyrannical leaders in self-defense. 

I’m not a Bible Scholar, Constitutional scholar, and not even close to understanding all the intricacies of American government and politics, but I do know what the founders wrote, what they did and I know common sense. The little bit of knowledge I do have has been pleading with the American people for years to get up and do something to save their country.

Last year I made a pledge to do whatever I can to try and help this country. I am only one person, a small, insignificant and ordinary person; so much of my activism hasn’t amounted to much in the bigger scheme of things. I don’t have the ear or the name recognition of any politician or media pundit, I don’t have money to create a PAC or foundation and I don’t have the leadership qualifications to lead an army. The strongest thing I have is my voice, years of observation as an “outsider” and a keyboard to record my thoughts, opinions and concerns about what I’ve been watching for so long.

I have heard people say for years that we have to change things … in November…  Meaning, we must change things through the power of voting.  But let me ask, what use is the power if it’s not used?  People for at least the last couple of election cycles have lamented over having to cast a vote for the ‘lesser of two evils’ or their last choice, or plugging their nose.  For two presidential elections which I had not been legally able to participate in, I asked why not vote your conscience?  I won’t repeat much of the kinds of answers I received, except for the most polite and often said, “Why don’t you go back to Canada?”

I don’t have the answers people, but at least I’m trying- have been trying for years to put suggestions or ideas forward which are often based on what the founders believed or what they did, or based on common sense.

Common Sense tells me that those who continuously vote for the lesser of two evils will have one of two results- they get the evil they don’t want, or they get the evil they voted for.  What good is that?  He may not be a founder, but Davy Crockett had simple common sense when he said, “I am at liberty to vote as my conscience and judgment dictates to be right, without the yoke of any party on me…. Look at my arms, you will find no party hand- cuff on them.”

What about this then, from Samuel Adams, “Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual, or at least that he ought not so to do; but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country.”

Wow. Imagine having to answer to God someday for voting the lesser of two evils, or knowing that you plugged your nose and voted for someone you knew was not the right person to lead this country, but because the other guy is worse, you did your duty.  I realize that most people take voting seriously, but I would ask folks to think, what if they didn’t have the right to vote anymore?  The only real time someone can appreciate something so much is when they don’t have it.  People have fought wars, have paid with their lives so others could have the simple freedom to vote for who would lead them.  Too many Americans take the duty and the privilege to vote as a right only, and too many don’t even take that seriously.  They vote for whom they see on TV the most, or who has the cooler look, or the one the media tells them to vote for. They vote for the historical one. Too many don’t even know who they are voting for even as they check their ballots.

Back to voting your conscience, I know the biggest argument I get is that voting or writing in a candidate would only split the vote and the ‘bad guy’ will win. Common sense tells me that that’s true, and would be the case for the next few elections.  But again, it also tells me if people actually voted their conscience, wrote in their choice, sent campaign dollars to their candidates, instead of waiting for the general election and sending money to groups and organizations instead of the candidate, it would send more of a message to the establishment powers that be that Americans are finally bucking the establishment choices instead of doing what’s expected.

The problem now is, it may even be too late to do that- Unless people do it in November for the Senate and congressional races.  So far we are about half way through State primaries.  CFP endorsed quite a few candidates, and gave a Constitutional rating for many.  We worked hard this year vetting many candidates as thoroughly as possible to present the people we found to be the best for many races. I know we didn’t get all States and not all races for each State, but for all our effort, and the efforts of others, people who are excellent, intelligent, constitutionally strong and hardworking patriots are losing.  Why? Either because people still haven’t bothered checking out their own state races to see who’s running, they haven’t bothered to read each candidates’ issues and ideas, or the candidate being new to the political arena is unknown and people are afraid to back the unknown.  Money was poured into the bigger names coffers instead, and too many people are staying home on primary day.  As of now, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, two of the biggest appeasers and rinos we have, won their primaries.  Not due to people voting their conscience- because of people not voting. Turnout was lame for both races, same with North Carolina and Illinois.  Texas came out well and thankfully the Tea Party and other Constitutional voters put their votes where their mouths were. Mississippi saw a win for Chris McDaniel over the decade’s long reign of Thad Cochran.  We still have more races, and we may still have a chance come November, but only if people vote in their primaries.

If we keep going the way we have been however, there really are very few alternatives, if we even have time.  Mark Levin got the ball rolling on the Article 5 Process and the Convention of States.  We may have a chance to change things if we can get the majority of states to go for Amending the Constitution and fighting for States rights and things like term limits. But I have to wonder, the way things look every day with the blatant unconstitutional acts of the Obama administration and the unwillingness of Congress or the Senate to move for impeachment at least, we may not have the chance to get it done.

SO what else can we do?  Politicians, especially those who have been in Washington for multiple decades know that America’s bark is worse than their bite when it comes to politics, because Americans haven’t bitten back at politicians for over 100 years.

There are millions of patriots who have fought enemies all over the world fighting for others’ freedoms and by keeping the fight over there, we are still free from war over here. Except that our own government is waging war on our Constitution and chipping away at more and more freedoms here.   Who is going to fight for those who have fought for us? You are Americans! Do Something! If they are not worth fighting for, who is?!

We have seen an open disregard of the law in this latest move by Obama and his administration to trade five of the worst terrorists for a man who by all accounts deserted his post, and his fellow soldiers.  There was no reason not to consult Congress with this- the extraction of Bowe Bergdahl didn’t just happen overnight, it had to be planned.  There are too many reasons why this was a horrible, traitorous move on the part of this administration, yet all the White House has done is “apologize” to Senate leaders for not informing them. Is that it?? People need to contact their representatives and Senate leaders and demand impeachment and treason charges to be made against Obama and his administration. We are still at war, and he released dangerous enemies back into the field. 

For those who argue that it must take the Senate majority, under Harry Reid’s leadership to formally charge Obama with treason and they’ll never do it, common sense again says, you’re right. Harry never will and neither will the majority- but consider this, people are starting to pay attention more especially to the VA scandal and with this latest stunt, they realize these actions are very wrong.  If a couple of Senate members made the motion, on the record request to motion for treason charges, it will be on the record, and the ball will be in the democrats’ court.  It will show people who care, that at least the motion had been made, and they would know who put politics before Country.

When I made my pledge last year, I meant it and still do. I don’t have much, and while my efforts have been pitifully small, I am doing as much as I am able to do, and have sacrificed for trying.  I won’t dare compare my sacrifices to those made by so many of our troops and Veterans, because mine don’t come close.  Contention in my family as I have given more and more time, because they don’t understand my willingness to do whatever it takes to help fight for this country I have loved, been blessed and chosen to call my home. I am trying in whatever ways I can to find ways of helping make people aware and care about our Country and their God given rights preserved in the Constitution.  I have given more in prayer, spent more time on my knees, more in tears for this country and those who have defended her and still do. I have left what little comfort zone I had to try. I have left myself open to insults, arguments and fights with family, friends and strangers because I love this country. I’m not saying all of this to brag, because frankly it’s nothing to brag about. I’d hoped I could do more by now. I am not physically capable of being a warrior, but I am willing if necessary to give everything up to and including my life for this country if it means our kids can have a Godly, more respectful, morally responsible society and government again, if it means they can live in a nation where people remember the Lord, their God, and are proud to be Americans.

We need to do something. Our government is out of control. They are destroying the constitution and republic, and too many people have continued to vote these same politicians in who care nothing of the Constitutional law or sovereignty of this country. Politicians ignore the will of the people who vote them into office time and time again, and have committed treasonous acts on top of it. What would our founders do? What did they do?

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security. --Such has been the patient sufferance of these colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former systems of government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these states…”

They petitioned and addressed the government; they tried every option before laying everything on the line.  Our Founders dealt with ever-increasing taxes and grievances, but with no representation–and they’d had enough.  When King George III revoked the Charter of Massachusetts Bay, the people of the colonies saw this as an act of war.  The Charter had been a guarantee to all of the people’s religious and civil liberties, and the King was taking them away.  Our king Barack Hussein Obama and our elected representatives are seeking any way they can to take the same away.

We have seen much the same kinds of actions from our government, from both sides- in higher taxes, burdensome laws such as Obamacare, which the majority of American people didn’t want, we have seen them chipping away at our 1st and 2nd amendment rights, and twisting other amendments to suit their purposes. We have seen them disregard their duty to protect and defend the citizens of our country by allowing illegal immigrants to flood across unsecure borders and in turn reward so many who hold no allegiance to this country.  We have seen this administration arming and aiding sworn enemies during a time of war, and inviting those with known terrorist ties into the White House and appointing others to top security positions in our government.

What can we do? We need to do something!

There are patriots, many of them Veterans who are in Washington DC right now, and have been there for the past few weeks.  Operation American Spring has been in the works for over a year, well organized and they are still calling for people to come to DC to help.  I know circumstances make it difficult for many, but people need to go. What is it going to take for people to get out of their comfort zones?  This is one of the last opportunities perhaps to allow your voices to be heard once and for all. They are rightfully calling for the resignations and removal of those in the present administration and others who have allowed the Constitution to be ignored and laws broken.

You may be thinking that this isn’t a good idea that our government is waiting for the right chance to start something so they can implement martial law. Common sense again tells me that when a government is at the point where non-elected officials and bureaucracies have the power to arm themselves, buying military grade vehicles, ammunition and weapons more powerful than those they are trying to take away from law abiding citizens- they are getting ready and it’s going to happen anyway.  The question remains now, are you going to wait for them to do it anyway, quietly, or are you willing to try peacefully to stop it before they do it?

I don’t want a revolution. I never have. I’ve prayed and will keep praying for another solution to help wake people up, but I’m not blind to the government sectioned violence coming. Looking at history, learning from history, we can see the handwriting on the wall.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing “is a famous and oft mentioned quote.  It’s time for good patriots to do something.  What did our Founders do and say?

Fifty-six men signed the Declaration of Independence knowing the incredible odds against them.  They knew the dangers each faced, making them marked men, seen as traitors in the eyes of George III.  Benjamin Franklin knew it when he stated, “We must all hang together or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

These men also made a public pledge:  And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortune and our Sacred Honor.

What will you do?