Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Brand New Day

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

Tonight is all about a leash and a muzzle” ~ A friend commenting on November 4th 2014 Elections

With a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.” ~Signers of the Declaration of Independence

In a little less than two weeks from now, the Constitutional Freedom Party will be passing our 2nd Anniversary which from the start has been committed to the preservation of the principles of what has made a strong America. 
Many people have questioned the need for another party when it seems we have so many already. I have to ask, why not another?  Some parties have been around for a long while, some only a few years.  Not all parties are actual parties, although they do a lot of work to promote good Conservative candidates and have shaken Washington enough to be a political target.
A lot of folks follow us on twitter, many more belong to our group on Facebook and still more have liked our public Facebook page.  We have a large amount of folks watching from the sidelines to see what we do, or in other words, once we become big like Tea Party groups, maybe they’ll join us. Maybe they might even do something to help us.

What separates us from many other groups is that we are a Party with a solid platform  based on God, the Founders, the Constitution and the Founder’s intent yet we also have willingly worked within the Republican Party in hopes of reforming and returning the Party back to true Constitutional Conservatism.  We are such that if the Republican GOP doesn’t change, we have a solid platform to be a legitimate 3rd Party which already built on solid ground and energized enough for the majority who are fed up with progressive politics as usual from the GOP.

Our basic platform is born out of our Judeo Christian beliefs and we won’t waiver from them. We are unapologetically Christian and are active in working towards recognition of our country’s Judeo Christian heritage, foundation and principles.  We also respect and trust the Founders’ vision for a small government in which We the People are in charge. We are a group of citizens from all walks of life from different parts of this country who care about where this country has been heading. None of us has political insider experience, we have no ties to bigger organizations and no lobbyist powers nor do we desire any.  We are the grassiest roots that can be found and don’t have a budget because we require no money or donations to join.
For the past 2 years, a few of our more active members have helped create graphics, videos, write articles, and share everything in an effort to educate people on our Constitutional Republic.  Our biggest efforts were in vetting candidates this past year. Out of millions of citizens in this country, less than a dozen gave up personal time to seek information on those running in campaigns all over the country.  From California and Oregon, across the nation to Maryland, down through the South to Florida, back over to Texas and up through the heartland, we fully vetted candidates and matched whom we believed held firm to Constitutional values which our Founders valued and shared. 
Not everyone agreed with our choices, which is what is so great about the freedoms we still have and hold, to find those who would best represent us and our fellow citizens in Washington and State Capitals.  Our candidates however were for the most part regular people, from businessmen and women, many veterans, educators and pastors. Not all of them won their primaries, and only a couple made it through the election.  I am proud however of all of the candidates we rated and endorsed, and proud of the hard work accomplished to bring those we believed to be the best of the best and make those choices known to others.

Last night’s election was exciting to say the least, but many of us were apprehensive, hoping at least for the 6 seats needed to re take the Senate.  Whether this was a referendum on the Obama policies which have been “transforming” our nation in ways in which even many democrats were feeling the brunt of, or whether it was people ready for a change of scenery in Washington, it resulted in a wave which has excited people again.

It was we the people who spoke with our votes, it was the people who actively educated family and friends to what our government should be and people who implored others to vote while they have a still have a free choice to vote.
Now that we have spoken, what do we do now? Is it enough to know that there will be a brand new Senate and Congress in January? No way.  We have to be more vigilant and engaged than ever. It’s no secret that many of Obama’s plans will have to be shoved through while the Democrats still hold control. From amnesty, jobs and wages, to EPA and BLM agendas and social issues, we have to make sure no more unconstitutional and destructive plans are signed either by pen or phone.  Much can be accomplished in such a short time to further damage our republic and we need to keep watch and engage in a way that none of these things can happen.

All of the work those who have campaigned for, went door to door for, made phone calls, sent e mails and pamphlets, those who shared information, who vetted them, promoted them and voted for them- we now need to watch what they do when they head to Washington in January.  We also need to watch what the present Senate and Congress do in the meantime.

The Constitutional Freedom Party is committed to holding all of our Senate and Congress to account after they begin in January.  The people returning to or going to Washington for the first time need to know that we the people will be watching and letting the country know what they are doing- whether they are operating under the Constitution and committed to the Oaths they swear, or if they believe they are going to keep to the same old same. We will hold their feet to the fire to keep them accountable for everything. If they do a great job, we’ll be sure to let them know how appreciated they are, if they don’t we’ll let them and the country know that too.  We need a strong and bold leadership from the Republicans, which too many in the past have used their power to do… nothing.  From their folding like cheap lawn chairs over Obamacare, to illegal “immigration reform”, to the deplorable ways in which our Veterans and troops have been treated by the administration, with silence from the majority of RINOS, this must end.  No more compromise- because compromise only means one side folds their convictions and throws them away.  We the people who elected these candidates expect leaders, not panderers, not spineless compromisers.

For those who worry about gridlock, much like Obama did, blaming the structural balances the Founders put in place, gridlock can be a good thing.  In fact I’d dare to say more people would have preferred gridlock rather than the democrat party being able to ram Obamacare down our throats.  Gridlock has what has kept more destructive legislation from being passed, and could help with things like amnesty which some Rinos have already capitulated to.
Think about James Madison’s Federalist #51 when he wrote, “In a single republic, all the power surrendered by the people is submitted to the administration of a single government; and the usurpations are guarded against by a division of the government into distinct and separate departments.”

And then again, “It is of great importance in a republic not only to guard the society against the oppression of its rulers, but to guard one part of the society against the injustice of the other part. Different interests necessarily exist in different classes of citizens. If a majority be united by a common interest, the rights of the minority will be insecure.”

We also are committed to seeing that Constitutional Conservatives replace the grand old elites of the GOP in the leadership positions of both houses and to make sure we #MakeDCListen.

We can’t do this alone. It’s time to choose. It’s a brand new day, and time to wake up and get busy.  The question is whether you will choose to help us or whether you choose some other group. Some of the parties and organizations are moving in a similar direction to reign in this bloated, out of control and out of touch government.  We have chosen to do it based on our platform.  You may not agree with every part of it, we know people have different ideas on many issues and we don’t expect everyone to agree with 100 percent of what we stand on. Some folks might believe another organization is better for them. We understand that too.  We just hope folks will be active whether it’s with us or somewhere.
We at the Constitutional Freedom Party have made a commitment to fight for those who have fought for us, and to restore and keep our Republic. Over 200 years ago, 56 men pledged everything they had to fight tyranny and create our Constitutional Republic.

We have been given a chance to return our nation to time tested and enduring values and principles that made this country a beacon to the rest of the world.  We must not squander it by sitting back and letting others fight to re gain and retain our freedoms for us. It’s time to get involved.
If you believe in what we’re about, if you are interested in helping, contact us at to find out how.


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