Friday, November 7, 2014

It’s a Wonderful Country

Remember the movie  “It’s A Wonderful Life”? 

For those who have not seen it, it is a story  about a man who has been giving and generous to others, sacrificing for others throughout his life. He experiences a ruinous occurrence that was  engineered by the deliberate bad acts of an envious rival. 
He despairs. Even in his despair he helps another, yet has convinced himself everyone would be better off without him, and wishes he had never been born. The person he helped despite his despair was an angel, Clarence, who shows him what the world would have been like if he had never been  born. As the result of this experience, he realizes his life has been  valuable, meaningful, and the lynchpin in the good quality of life he and  others have had. He regrets his wish and the angel returns the man to the real world. The man now appreciates his life and the gifts he has  not only given to it,
but that it has given him.

Recently, Dr. Dinesh  D’Souza wrote a book entitled “America:  Imagine the World Without  Her”.  A friend commented that while the book and movie demonstrated that  the Progressive version of history ranges from deeply flawed to menacingly wrong, neither the book nor the movie seem to go on to imagine a world without America.

Dr. D’Souza does posit that without America, the nations of  the world would probably have the same conquest and acquisition focus they had  before it existed. But the comment got me thinking.

Progressives  have been effectively rewriting history, and interpreting this history in a  way that defines America as evil, as imperialist, as cruel, as genocidal, as  racist, as greedy, as an enslaver and as a thief.  Dr. D’Souza addresses  these in his book, as have others working to right the sinister wrongs of  Progressive so-called history.

Since at least the 1960s, radicals have  been increasingly bemoaning America, insisting that without America, the world  would be a better place.  The people of the world would be better off if  America had never been born.

So, what would the world be like without  America?

I contend that what we are seeing at this time in world events  is showing us terrifying glimpses of what the world is like without  America.  As in “It’s A Wonderful Life”, we are being shown what the  world is like without us. The bad acts of the Progressives are  engineering the demise of America.
An envious rival has set up,  performed, enabled and encouraged ruinous policies that are driving America to  despair.

Perhaps the greatest evil of all is we are seeing what the  world is like when bad actors have misled the people of America to despise  themselves so much we stop working to shine the light of liberty in the  world.  American assistance is disparagingly called “nation building” or  being “the world’s
policemen” when our goal is to uplift our fellow men.   When we turn away from world events, we leave people to flee murderous  attackers but find no refuge, to die on mountaintops, to be besieged in  cities, crying out to us for help. 

Once-dignified people are reduced to  abject begging for our help, their cries and pleas fall on ears that hear, but  cruelly ignore.  Oh, the American people hear them and want to go to their  aid.  But America’s government deliberately turns its back.  The  American people must effect a change
and soon, or like the phantoms of Charles  Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”, we will find to our horror that our power to  change the world for the better has been lost.

Without a strong  America, factions of every imaginable greedy kind creep from the dark crevices  where once they hid.  Those who truly are thieves, enslavers, oppressors,  takers and murderers are emboldened.  They press advantages that did not  exist when America was strong and stood with her allies. Without America  to stop them, even just by her strong presence if not direct action, the  forces of oppression rapidly grow unchecked in the dank places of greed, power  and death.

It's time to wake up, Americans!  Time to awaken from the  nightmare of false compassion and self loathing.  Time to get off the  dung heap we have been pushed onto.  Those of us who fight for  Constitutional principles have just had a tremendous election success.   Now it is time for us to get our light out from under the basket and shine it  again.  Let us once again be a light in the darkness, a beacon of hope, a  candle from which others may light their own candles!  Lady Liberty walks  with the crown of light, the torch of truth, the book of the law, and the  chains on her feet are broken.

We really have a wonderful  country!  We've been given another chance to Restore it!

Thank you,  Clarence!

Stehekin912  Nov. 2014

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  1. Yes thank you clarence....This item is well put.... "If not now.....when????' If not me.....who????