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Two Septembers

Benghazi Remembrance Forward: a letter to King George
By Sandy @Orangeone4

On September 11, 2012, four men lost their lives in Benghazi, Libya. The Obama Administration and the mainstream media wish we would "move forward" and leave the memory of those men’s deaths in the past. We will NEVER forget. Rather, we will keep the murders of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith and the two brave former Navy SEALS that lost their lives trying to rescue Stevens and Smith Glen Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods in the forefront until the truth is revealed, the murderers brought to justice, tried and convicted for their crimes.

Much has been said of Ambassador Stevens and Mr. Smith but not enough about our two brave Navy Seals that NEVER forgot their oath to protect and defend the United States, two brave men that disobeyed a stand-down order and ran to the aid of those at the consulate in Benghazi.

Glen Anthony Doherty (c. 1970–September 11, 2012) born in Winchester, MA. Doherty served as a Navy SEAL, responded to the bombing of the USS Cole, completed tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. After leaving the Navy in 2005, he worked for a private security company in Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Kenya and Libya tracking down and destroying shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles (MANPADS).

Tyrone Snowden Woods (January 15, 1971 – September 12, 2012) born in Portland, Oregon. Woods served 20 years of honorable service in the U.S. Navy before joining the State Department Diplomatic Security in 2010 under contract as a U.S. embassy security personnel. Woods protected American diplomats in posts from Central America to the Middle East. Woods was a registered nurse and certified paramedic.

As a Navy SEAL in 2005-2006, Woods was awarded the Bronze Star Medal with combat "V" Device for valor in Iraq. He led 12 direct action raids and 10 reconnaissance missions leading to the capture of 34 enemy insurgents in the volatile Al Anbar province. He served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Middle East and Central America.

Please join us on Twitter remembering the Benghazi4 beginning at 2:40 p.m. EST, so the world will NEVER forget, use hashtag #JusticeForBenghazi4


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Two Septembers, A Day for Remembrance, A Time for Truth
By CAE, AmericanBornInCanada @ABiCduckie @CFP4US

"Terrorist acts can shake the foundation of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundations of America." George W. Bush, September 11, 2001

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

Leave No Man Behind

"Where the f*ck is the Spectre "Fallen US Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, September 11, 2012

September 11, 2001 and 2012

While the nation reflects and remembers the 12th Anniversary of the terrorist attacks which hit New York and D.C., and ended in a field in Pennsylvania, so many people will have not yet thought of another terrorist attack in which 4 Americans died, in Benghazi, Libya, September 11, 2012.

  The fact is that only independent online sources, a hand full of journalists and some ordinary Americans have been trying to keep these men’s memories alive, and that our government lied and has maintained a cover-up. Four families are still waiting for the truth about what happened to their loved ones, the truth promised by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as she stood in front of four flag-draped coffins.

I’m one out of many dedicated American bloggers who have worked tirelessly to expose the secrecy and convince our elected officials to seek the truth. There is nothing more painful than seeing the lack of concern by Congress to form a Select Committee to investigate Benghazi and find answers for the families and for Americans. Everyday Americans are exhausted keeping up with the Obama administration scandals while trying to work, raise their families, complete their education and remain in their homes let alone understand the complexities of appointing a Select Committee we have no voice in.

Subsequent Events
Many things have happened since last September 11, 2012. Obama was reelected, in large part because of ignorance and misinformation. Many people still are unaware of what and where Benghazi is let alone what was occurring at the Consulate and CIA Annex on the night of September 11, 2012. Former Secretary of State Hillary "What difference does it make" Clinton is gearing up for her 2016 presidential run, with the support of leftists and the mainstream media. Members of Congress and the Obama administration lament over the death of a young man in Florida, yet not a word about the brutal beating in Spokane, Washington which led to the death of 88 year old Delbert Belton, a World War II Veteran Hero wounded at Okinawa defending our freedom and liberty. We’ve had families of Navy SEAL Team 6 Special Forces servicemen, the family of an Army National Guardsman, retired Military experts and other concerned Americans seeking Congressional Investigation and answers to what happened during the downing of the CH-47 Chinook, call sign Extortion 17, in August of 2011. This incident is considered the worse loss of American military lives in the Afghanistan war which killed all 38 on board.  Still no answers have been given to their families. Is it just a coincidence that the SEALS who died that day are from the Same Team which eliminated Osama Bin Ladin?

We saw tragic deaths of other members of SEAL Team 6 and the murder of Former SEAL Chris Kyle who was shot to death as he was helping a fellow Veteran February 2, 2013. And we’ve still not had any moves from our government to demand the release of Bowe Bergdahl, our only POW who has been held now for over 4 years, or as of today, 1,535 days.

One Year Later and Still No Select Committee or Answers
Many of our nation’s best from both Special Operations Speaks and OPSEC Team have called for and petitioned Congress to form a Select Committee to investigate Benghazi, yet still Speaker John Boehner is blocking the effort. Why? What does John Boehner gain by blocking the truth from American and protecting the Obama Administration?

Many questions, speculations and enough evidence of lies and cover ups have been reported this past year. A partial list of chronological details about Benghazi, compiled from my own research, can be found at the conclusion of this blog.

Four Americans are dead, two were former Navy Seals that selflessly risked and sacrificed their lives in a multiple-hour battle with the enemy believing help was on the way in answer to their distress signals. They were left alone to fight hundreds of terrorists while key government officials watched them die. Instead of sending help and a C-130 Spectre gunship which was ready to go, they sent a drone armed with nothing but a camera.

Sworn Testimony on the Benghazi Events
Gregory Hicks, Former Deputy Chief of Mission in Libya, in his testimony before the Congressional Oversight Committee:

"At about 3 a.m. I received a call from the prime minister of Libya. I think it is the saddest phone call I have ever had in my life. He told me that Ambassador Stevens had passed away. I immediately telephoned Washington that news afterwards, and began accelerating our effort to withdraw from the Villas compound and move to the annex."
In response to Clinton’s "what difference at this point does it make? comment Hicks replied to Rep. Gosar: "[Libyan] President [Mohamed] Magariaf was insulted in front of his own people, in front of the world. His credibility was reduced. His ability to lead his own country was damaged. He was angry. A friend of mine who ate dinner with him in New York during the U.N. seasons told me he was still steamed about the talk shows two weeks later. I definitely believe that it negatively affected our ability to get the FBI team quickly to Benghazi."

Hicks went on to say that the FBI’s arrival at the scene of the attack was postponed by 18 days as a result of the White House’s decision to blame the attack on the video. As for Rice's comments that Sunday, when she repeatedly cited the video as the trigger for the attack, Hicks said "My jaw dropped, and I was embarrassed." 
We Must Act
On this most solemn of days, I ask everyone once again to take action. Please make a donation to OPSEC Team and SOS, so they can continue in their work of informing and seeking the truth. If you haven’t yet, please contact your member of Congress and ask them to sign and support Representative Frank Wolf's HR 36, resolution to form a Select Committee with subpoena powers to fully investigate Benghazi.  And then e mail and tweet  Speaker John Boehner and demand the formation of a Committee.

The Woods, Dohertys, Stevens and Smiths deserve the truth about what happened to their respective family members and its long past time that they receive it.

An Echo From September 11
In the words of hero Todd Beamer aboard United Airlines Flight 93, 12 years ago today, please people, "Let’s Roll."

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Guest Blogger libslayer2013 Shares His Thoughts....

Where were you when America Died?

Today myself and a group of fellow patriots held an impeach Obama rally in Corpus Christi Texas. We had a great public response, we were safe and had ZERO problems with LEO community. That being said I’ve got a couple of small gripes.

 #1 Glenn Beck airs a commercial which states something along the lines of “where were you when America died.” Man I gotta say the same thing. Where are all the patriots who are so vocal on Facebook and twitter? It’s so easy to battle liberalism from the safety of yer stinkin living room ain’t it? My gosh folks, we HAVE GOTTA GET PROACTIVE. Now please don’t get me wrong here. This is the 2nd rally we’ve held and the group of folks who come out are  phenomenal. But we should have hundreds….no thousands of folks out attending events like this.
#2 I sent multiple emails to KIITV and channel 10 newly here with no response. I was asking fer just a little media coverage so folks know what we’re doing. Another of our members called Joe at the news room personally and was told that they weren’t interested in our story. My God, is the media that stinkin stupid? (Yes, that was a rhetorical question)    
Those who read my blogs know that I normally mix a little southern humor into my writings, well I got nothing funny to say right now.

 You stinking keyboard patriots better wake up quick before your sitting your hind parts in some stinkin FEMA camp wishing you had a twitter account to complain on. This stuff is no joking matter and if we don’t start holding our reps accountable or firing their worthless butts we’re gonna be in a world of hurt. If this country goes down the poop shoot it certainly ain’t gonna be because I didn’t do anything.