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Where Does the Fast Track Leave Us? Important Update from CFP

"Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined."  Patrick Henry

While most of our members and followers know the Constitutional Freedom Party has endorsed Ted Cruz for the 2016 Presidential election, some political issues have come to our attention.  We are compelled to make our position clear, and also make others aware about these issues and why we are concerned.
People may be aware of the proposed Trans-Pacific Trade Treaty (TPP) which Obama has been working on.  Many in the GOP have jumped on board in favor of it.  We all know Obama’s and our Congress’ penchant to shove things through the legislative process, and the GOP’s habit of caving in to damaging bills. We know this is an important issue to look closer at, especially when the media and politicos are averting America’s attention to Baltimore and other ‘crises’ which can’t be wasted.

The details of Obama’s TPP are not known, because our representatives have not seen it yet.  Sound familiar? Will they pass this too to find out what’s in it?
Recently Republicans Paul Ryan, Orrin Hatch, and Democrat Ron Wyden authored the TPA (Trade Promotion Authority) legislation (the last such TPA expired July 1, 2007.) Basically the TPA isn’t needed for Obama’s TPP Treaty but Congress has written the TPA supposedly to give them some say in the TPP before Obama uses his pen and phone to enact it.The underlying purpose of the TPA is to Fast Track international trade agreements by giving an up or down vote with no amendments, no filibuster and little debate allowed.  It appears that Congress would review the agreements made and anything they didn’t agree with, they’d have 150 "specific negotiating objectives." which are basically suggestions.  It would assume that Obama will be required to consult Congress on final negotiations (yeah, I’m shaking my head at that too).  Lastly, it’s claimed that Congress will have more power by giving Obama more power. This is disturbing on so many levels. Everything from Obamacare to negotiations with Iran, to illegal amnesty and the passing appointment of Loretta Lynch has been shoved through with virtually no chance for We the People to have any say.  Congress under the so called leadership of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell has proven time and time again they do not care about the people who voted them into office specifically to fight back against Obama and his pen.

If Obama or a future President with the powers given in this legislation sends a treaty back, the treaty will get an up or down vote. No two thirds ratification as is law under our Constitution will happen.  We the people will not have a voice of representation on issues which will affect many of us should this go through.  The powers given Congress are clearly laid out in the Constitution, but giving the President the power of Fast Track, the Constitutional powers would basically be suspended. US law will be thrown out in favor of a simple majority vote in our Houses of Congress.
With the upcoming TPP, Congress would simply vote up or down and that’s it.

Here mainly is our biggest concern- Ted Cruz is a big supporter of the TPA - He co-authored an editorial in the WSJ with Paul Ryan. Part of it can be read here.   

Sen. Cruz is all for free trade, which many support if it will protect American workers and businesses.  Yet Sen. Cruz is also supportive of the provisions of the TPP which would allow for free migration of labor between all nations signing onto the treaty.  We are already still suffering from low/under employment and illegal immigration issues.  Adding more laborers to our already poor job markets will hurt Americans even more.  TPP will also give other nations more say over how everything from the environment and energy are regulated, and would give the President power to regulate and set minimum wage. 

Meanwhile with his troubling support of TPA, it would basically shove We the People aside so lobbyists and the elite can dictate all the while Congress gives a fast tracked yes vote without debate. This is not a good thing for a sovereign America whose Constitutional law would be made null and void.
Congress should never limit itself to an up or down vote with no discussion or amendments, and especially not while Obama is in office.

The TPP is so secretive and we know that Obama will send the final deal to Congress at the 11th hour, and our so called leaders, because of the TPA, will not be able to amend it, discuss it, or do anything other than just vote it yes or no.  Can we really see Boehner, McConnell or the rest of the progressive GOP voting anything other than Yes? Our core members have been discussing and dissecting this for days trying to get a handle on why Sen. Cruz would be for such a treaty and legislation.  Our main conclusions can only be speculation until Sen. Cruz answers our questions which we have been asking his office over the past few days.

With the Senator’s recent admission that he is a proponent of Immigration Reform, that’s not enough to consider giving away our voice in Government is it?  Consider also Heidi Cruz’s involvement in the Council on Foreign Relations’ sponsored Independent Task Force on the Future of North America, which advocates a greater economic and social integration between Canada, Mexico, and the United States.  Surely the tin foil is not tight, but one can’t afford to ignore that CFR is a globalist organization, and that the elites have been working for decades to erase international borders.
Everybody is freaking out about Obama’s TPP which is bad enough, but it's really the TPA that will do the most damage, because it will fast-track everything Obama wants, and leave the door open in the future for other presidents to pass whatever they want by a weak and ineffective Congress. Ted Cruz has been a strong supporter of our Constitution and our rights throughout his career, but this issue is too big to overlook and we are still asking, why would you support giving our only voice left, away?  Surely Senator Cruz, you know we have a lawless Obama- what makes you believe that he would follow the “rules” of the TPA? 
For now, the Constitutional Party’s endorsement of Senator Cruz still stands, but we will be digging into this issue further and will not ease up in trying to get to the bottom of it.  We are still in the process of vetting other candidates who have already announced or have shown intent to run. Stay tuned for our ratings and any new developments on this situation in the coming days and weeks.

Many thanks to C.J, W.M, A.W, S.D, and K.B and others on the CFP leadership for their research and discussion

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Addendum - I want to make it clear that personally I have supported and have been promoting the idea of Sen. Cruz's run for President since November 2012. I have always appreciated his dedication to the Constitution and being our voice in Washington so I want people to understand how hard of a decision this has been for me, but also for other members of CFP to make our concerns public.  We want people to be aware of everything going on so they can make informed decisions for themselves.

CAE 5/02/2015

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