Friday, May 9, 2014

Rand Paul Criticizes Republican Party- Voter ID Talk “Offends” People

The New York Times reported May 9th on the last part of Rand Paul’s cross country tour where he’s been speaking to Democrats as well as Republican audiences, in places like Chicago, Detroit and Memphis. His last meetings happened to be in the mainly Democrat held Memphis, and before addressing a group of Republicans, he met with black pastors to address “the message that the party needs to soften its edges and start being more sympathetic to groups that have felt overlooked and maligned by Republicans.” According to the Times piece.  Among topics discussed, were Voter ID laws which Republicans have been pushing across the country to try and curb Voter fraud which has been rampant during the past.

First of all, notice that these groups “feel” overlooked and maligned by Republicans, yet how would they know if Republicans actually do the things they’re accused of, when most democrats, of any skin shade don’t listen to what Republicans or Conservatives have to say? The end of the article quotes State Representative G. A. Hardaway who said, “Get real, Senator… To come here, to Memphis of all places, and espouse the principles and ‘goodness’ of today’s Republican Party. Excuse me if I’m not buying it.”

Of course with constant narratives like that, many black democrat voters hear from their leaders, they are going to feel over looked. Most black democrats won’t bother listening to a republican, especially a white republican male. This shouldn’t be a race thing. Things such as voting rights and Voter ID, should not be a race thing- but who made it a race thing?  Some black people may feel maligned and overlooked, yet plenty of other blacks who happen to be conservative don’t feel that way, nor do they believe Voter ID is a bad thing. 

I’d say that the real discrimination comes from those who seem to believe people are too incapable of obtaining an ID- because they treat them as if they’re too ignorant to get one.  Yes once there were laws in this country which prevented classes of people from voting based on their skin color and their gender- but those days are history, yet history shows that those who were against people of darker skin shades from voting back then are the same who treat them as if they’re too stupid to obtain an ID now.

I’m speaking as an American, who will be voting as an American for the first time this year- Voter ID is not about race! It's about keeping the process as it’s been since the first votes; giving all citizens who are legally allowed to vote, the chance to do their duty as citizens. Yes voting is a privilege, but more so it’s a duty.

Samuel Adams said, “Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to pleas an individual- or at least that he ought not so to do; but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country.”

The United States is a sovereign country, made up of laws. The Constitution is clear on who can and cannot vote, and each State has laws which reflect the same.  ID is needed for virtually everything these days, from getting a bus pass to buying a house. One must have a valid form of ID to open a bank account, buy tobacco products, or to cash a check.  Those who argue that it somehow maligns or discriminates to require ID to vote obviously doesn’t care if those same people also need to have an ID to get into any government office or apply for a job, since those also require a valid ID.  Seems like the only people who would be against Voter ID are those who either participate in voter fraud or care who would benefit from fraud. 

As an American, I take my country’s laws and duties seriously, including my duty to vote. My privilege to vote should ensure that my vote counts, as should everyone who votes. But our votes aren’t counted when they’re stolen by people who don’t legally have the right to vote or by those who commit voter fraud.

My first article written for PolitiChicks a little over a year ago was about voter fraud and a woman named Melowese Richardson.  She is a Cincinnati, Ohio resident, who also happened to be an Obama supporter and a poll worker who admitted that she had voted twice in the Presidential election and who was indicted for voting 6 times.  She faced eight counts of voter fraud and was sentenced to 5 years in prison.  She was released about a month ago, four years early- gee, just in time for the next elections. She is just one of hundreds of thousands who have been found guilty of voter fraud, and she won’t be the last.

Voter ID is important- to those who genuinely care about our country. Voting is a right that transcends cultures and borders, as we’ve seen in countries such as Iraq, by thousands of people proudly showing off their purple fingers- a symbol of the new freedom to vote for their government leaders. 

People like Rand Paul capitulate to those who claim to be offended by perceived treatment, but they refuse to listen to those of us who are truly offended by our voices being stolen by fraud.  It’s much the same as capitulating to illegals and amnesty because they don’t want to ‘offend’ these people they claim who are living in the shadows- yet they’re perfectly willing to offend the millions who obey the immigration laws and come to the United States legally and become citizens the right way. You know what Senator Paul? I’m offended by you and anyone else who is willing to throw the laws aside in order to appease those who don’t care.  Because that’s exactly what it comes down to. They don’t care about this country and they will do anything to do what they want because it should be “their right”.  Well rights come with responsibilities- and it’s about time our politicians and those who vote start being responsible.  If they’re incapable of following the laws, requiring ID would be a responsible way of cutting down on voter fraud.

 C.A.E 2014

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