Saturday, April 20, 2013

Times Which Try Our Souls

     You could say we have just come through the week which Hell has wrought. It began on Monday with bombings in Boston and moved south to West, Texas as the fire at a fertilizer plant exploded into destruction and devastation and disrupted the lives of an entire town. In time both Boston and West will come to a better day yet some lives have been touched forever by the evil of the moment. Even those of us whose families were not been personally affected will never forget the images on the screen as we looked in horror and even anger at what we saw.

      These things will take time to digest and we can be assured in both events more and more information will be released or leaked for us to assess according to our own spiritual tenets and political ideology. Last week, as I wrote how we must never allow fear to dominate our thinking I had no idea of what was about to befall us as a people and, as I watched and listened throughout the week, I knew the wisdom those words was not mine, but the Lord’s who had used me to minister to any and all who had read them. 

      The question which continues to roll through my own mind is whether Boston or West could have been prevented; if so by who and what will be done to make sure something similar does not occur again? A bigger question is can we trust the information we receive or will there be a cover up to protect some from their just due? Without delving into to conspiracy theories which usually result in nothing more than supposition I will admit to having little trust of anything I hear in the media. They have earned my skepticism through their lack of reporting on items which affect their own political agenda. Therefore, where does someone like me go for answers? The places are fewer than in the past and, as some try to silence them, they must speak louder as they call to those who are seeking answers. 

      I know many, like me, were praying for the people of both places and also that the bombers would be found and brought to justice. However, my prayer did not stop there because for a very long time I have prayed the truth of every situation would be exposed. Jesus said when we know the truth it will set us free and though many times the truth is hard to bear it also frees us to take action. We know Satan is a liar and the world in which he has dominance is no better; therefore, the only way the truth will be known is to use the power given to us as Christians to defeat the enemy on his home turf, which is not in the world but in the supernatural realm. Prayer is one means God gave us to conquer but He has also given us His Word, His Blood and His Name to bring the truth to the light.

     However, the Lord has not left us with these alone I remind everyone of what King David said in Psalm 144:1 “Blessed be the Lord my strength which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:”

     Therefore, let us rejoice and give thanks for the failure of the gun control bill to pass the Senate during this past week. Satan may have had a field day but the Lord spoke loud and clear through the bill’s defeat. Let’s continue to pray, keep the faith and stand strong. We WILL win. Don’t believe me, read the back of the Book.

R. K 2013

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